Hockey Training Program


The CoreVYO Performance + Wellness APP gives you the opportunity to train like a pro athlete delivering a progressive  eight-week hockey specific program that will develop strength, rotational control, balance and power that will translate into increased performance on the ice.

This eight-week program delivers 2 CoreVYO based workouts per week, designed by Performances coaches straight from the NHL. The progressive nature of the of the program is designed to be scaleable and challenge hockey players of all ages and skill level, gradually progressing over the 8 week period.

Whether an individual or a team, anyone can utilize the APP to guide health, wellness and performance.

**CoreVYO Pack required, item sold separately

*** Once purchased you will be sent instructions and log-in information to utilize the app

System Features 

· Online Strength & Conditioning: Prescribed, purposeful, programming designed, built and delivered by CoreVYO Performance Specialists.

· Train like a pro – sport specific training used by NHL coaches and teams including the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks

· Daily Online Health & Wellness Tracking Including: Body Awareness, Sleep, Nutrition & Hydration tracking, Mindset, and Recovery



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