CoreVYO Fit


The CoreVYO Performance + Wellness APP gives you the opportunity to train like a pro athlete delivering a progressive 8 week program that will develop core strength, control, balance and develop functional movement patterns that translate into increased mobility, strength and movement patterns.

This 8 week program delivers 2 CoreVYO based workouts per week, designed to progress throughout the program, allowing any level of athlete to utilize the program.

**CoreVYO Pack required, item sold separately

*** Once purchased you will be sent instructions and log-in information to utilize the app

System Features 

· Online Strength & Conditioning: Prescribed, purposeful, programming designed, built and delivered by CoreVYO Performance Specialists.

· Train like a pro – sport specific training used by NBA teams: Toronto Raptors, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz and many more!

· Daily Online Health & Wellness Tracking Including: Body Awareness, Sleep, Nutrition & Hydration tracking, Mindset, and Recovery



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