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  • JLawBBall X CoreVYO

    Being able to move your body properly throughout training, practices and games is one of the most important things for an athlete as it can decrease injury, increases on-court productionMORE

  • The Puppeteer

    There’s intuitively deep connections between athletes and those that allow them to perform – physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors etc. You work together as one unit to achieve theMORE

  • Perturbations & Rotation

    What makes the CoreVYO stand-out from regular resistance bands or other harnesses is having 2 attachment points, one on either hip it provides us the unique ability to create resistanceMORE

  • Experimentation & Improvement

    When Steve Nash started working with Rick Celebrini, he was already an NBA All-Star in Dallas. One of their major working points was to help get Steve’s left side toMORE

  • One Anchor Good. Two Anchors Better.

    One of the major differentiators for the CoreVYO versus other resistance bands or harness systems is the two points of attachment – one at either hip. This was sparked by RickMORE