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March 26, 2018

  • JLawBBall X CoreVYO

    Being able to move your body properly throughout training, practices and games is one of the most important things for an athlete as it can decrease injury, increases on-court production and ultimately adding to the longevity of our basketball playing careers. At Jordan Lawley Basketball we use our CoreVYO to improve core strength, movement and balance – we’ve found CoreVYO to be the most efficient and effective tool to do this.

    We strap a CoreVYO on every Pro that enters our gym, instantly we are able to distinguish where they lack strength and can immediately attack those deficiencies through this very interactive tool. The best part is that we’ve been able to see a tangible amount of progress in our players while using the device, which is the ultimate goal.

    Ok, so lets take a look at how we actually make this happen with our guys. Through our daily routine, we use CoreVYO in its rawest form. We start in a stationary setting and use our CoreVYO as a forced accountability tool to make sure each of our players can remained balanced, staying strong through their core during our dribbling sequences.

    After focusing on stationary ball handling skills we move to our progressive ball handling segment. Throughout this segment we turn to the CoreVYO to create resistance or assistance – enabling us to use the device as a momentum-aid. Being able to not only provide resistance is huge for us, especially when we can see our players struggle to get their bodies into a certain position or place on the court. There’s only so many times we can show or tell them to get to that position and constantly resisting them is clearly not working. So they need to actually feel where they need to be, and the assistance is what allows us to do that.

    Once we’ve gone through our progressive ball handling segment we continue using the CoreVYO from a resistance aspect focusing on down hill attacks to the rim. We want our players to focus on first step quickness and balance; simulating bursting past their initial defender. With the resistance we can also simulate what it may be like to get a bump or resistance from a defender. With the double attachment it allows us to change the stimulus and create resistance from any angle. Just like in a game, you don’t know how the defence will react to you and where they could bump you. Being able to simulate this on a downhill attack prepares our guys to be able to handle contact in a game.

    From dribbling and finishing we get into our shooting drills. Preparation is everything when shooting, we all know and understand the importance of having the feet set and being able to get your shot off before a defender gets to you. Body mechanics are everything here, so while applying resistance, we’ve been able to use the CoreVYO to help initiate the players stride and position as they get into their shot. We’ve seen our players become more efficient, consistent and more explosive while getting into their shooting position. Similar to our ball handling segment, if players can’t get into the positions we’d like them to be in, we apply assistance to help get them into these positions. Again, allowing them to have an interactive experience, feeling where they should be getting to. We’ve also seen application in the finishing position of the shot, again providing resistance once they’ve landed, ensuring the player lands in a balanced and controlled way.

    While we’ve had all of our Pro players work with the CoreVYO. We’ve been able to utilize the CoreVYO with players of all ages and skill sets in our sessions. What we appreciate most is that regardless of age or skill we are able to target and correct these deficiencies – as a training company that prides itself on attention to detail and efficiency when developing our clients the CoreVYO has been a great fit for all of our day to day operations.