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October 2, 2017

  • Experimentation & Improvement

    When Steve Nash started working with Rick Celebrini, he was already an NBA All-Star in Dallas. One of their major working points was to help get Steve’s left side to fire so he could get square to the hoop. He was suffering from spondylolisthesis which affected the way his muscles were firing, ultimately leading to the (small) gap in his game.

    Steve and Rick repeatedly did exercises to help get his left side around and square to the hoop, no matter what direction he was coming from. The goal was for Steve to be able to go left or right to shoot/pass/dribble with equal skill – it becomes a tough thing to scout when you know he can score, pass or dribble just as effectively going any direction…

    This was the original purpose of CoreVYO: to rehabilitate athletes with pelvic and spinal conditions. This has shifted and grown over time to support uses well beyond rehabilitation. The harness has opened up a whole new approach to training comparatively healthy individuals and athletes. The important thing is that it’s about constant experimentation around using different stimuli to garner various responses from our athletes.

    In the game we can’t predict where and when a stimulus will arrive; we are able to do the same thing with CoreVYO. These unpredictable demands reinforce the athlete’s correct muscle sequencing and muscle recruitment through the core.

    The experimentation that Rick and Steve did to constantly adjust and experiment with the created stimulus is ultimately where the benefits lie. Because CoreVYO is a system built on a culture of collaboration and experimentation between athletes and trainers. It’s a platform that allows two people to develop strategies – together, in real time – to build strength, target weak or dysfunctional parts of the body, and perform effectively at a higher level.

    We demonstrate many drills that you can do in our Video Library – whether you’re at the gym, on the court/ice/field. What we’re most excited about us seeing what you come back to us with. We look forward to seeing the different drills, exercises and applications you do in your experimentation.

    For a little inspiration watch Steve taking the old fashioned burpees up a notch!