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September 5, 2017

  • One Anchor Good. Two Anchors Better.

    One of the major differentiators for the CoreVYO versus other resistance bands or harness systems is the two points of attachment – one at either hip. This was sparked by Rick Celebrini’s work with an NHL player – a beautiful skater with a deep and powerful stride, he’d had several injuries in his right hip, groin, and lower abdominal area.

    They used to do a drill skating between the blue lines where the athlete would typically experience pain during the exercise. Rick experimented by sticking a hockey stick in the side of his pants, at his waist, essentially waterskiing. He did so carefully, with variable and minimal resistance as to not affect the biomechanics of the skater. With that point of resistance, he was able to help the player keep his injured side square and engaged. The result: no pain for the skater.

    This was a starting point. Ensuring athletes stay square and engaged through the core is the principle that the CoreVYO is based on. But Rick wanted more, he wanted to work with his athletes and challenge their core in 3 planes – a single attachment point didn’t allow him to do that, but two points of attachment would. These 2 anchor points turn CoreVYO into a device that can both resist and assist movement, while challenging rotational control and power.

    Because that’s what athletes do: they constantly change direction and move in 360 degrees. Utilizing a tool that can train them to resist and assist stimuli while they maintain a deep athletic position is a huge X factor in training.

    Here are a couple of our favourite exercises that really utilize the rotational component of CoreVYO:

    1. Hockey – Dissociation stick handling – work on dissociating the upper and lower body to help evade defenders with the puck. Here’s an example.
    2. Soccer – Jockeying with ball – force defenders to stay low and balanced so they can react and move in any direction. Watch how it’s done here.
    3. Basketball – Off-Screen shooting – challenge the athlete to keep square to the hoop as they come hard off a screen. Check out the exercise here.

    Try out your favorite rotational exercise with your next CoreVYO workout!