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July 5, 2017

  • The CoreVYO Origin Story

    It all started one off-season while Rick Celebrini and Steve Nash were discussing their training plan. At the time Steve was playing with the Dallas Mavericks.

    Steve and Rick were focused on core strength, stabilization, and control. However, a lot of their work was done in a static, controlled environment on the side of the court or in a clinic. They knew how important these concepts were but wished there was a way to transfer that training directly onto the court, allowing them to have similar control and focus on the core during the demands of the sport – i.e. shooting, cutting, dribbling.

    They started sketching concepts and ideas in a notebook. What they came up with looked like a web, with all the lines and scribbles. But the idea was relatively simple: they wanted to create an extension of Rick, a tool that would allow for manual manipulation of the athlete.

    Even when they started rigging things together into the first prototype, it was always just an experiment, a way for them to extend their training into a sports-specific environment. It wasn’t until later, when they showed others and listened to their positive feedback, that they realized there was merit in sharing this with the rest of the world.

    The CoreVYO was something neither of them had experienced before, a tool that allowed for a continual stimulus that created a demand throughout the core and the whole body while playing and training. And it changed everything for the two of them, especially Nash, as he regards the work he and Rick did and utilizing tools like CoreVYO, ultimately helped him add 10 years to his highly impressive career.

    Whether it’s prehab, rehab or performance, we’re excited to share CoreVYO for all of your training needs.