CoreVYO is a functional tool used in an applied setting to maximize transfer for performance.

With its double attachment, the CoreVYO can provide resistance or assistance from 360 degrees – challenging correct body position and core control to increase core strength and stability. The double attachments allows for training like never before, from developing rotational control to working on eccentrics,  all while in an applied setting.

Developed by celebrated physiotherapist Dr. Rick Celebrini and two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, CoreVYO has been critical to the success of many well-known athletes, including Nash who credits it and Celebrini with extending his basketball career by a decade.

You’ll find CoreVYO in gyms, weight rooms and playing surfaces as an integral tool to many of the top teams, players and coaches around the world.


CoreVYO engages and strengthens the core during basketball-specific movements — from cuts and crossovers to jump shots. This challenges and reinforces the player to produce safer and more efficient dynamic movements involved in the sport — ultimately enhancing performance and reducing risk of injury on and off the court.



In multidirectional sports like soccer, the differences between winning and losing a challenge with an opponent are often dependent on the athlete’s body position and control of rotational forces. Training proper position and correct movement patterns while controlling and resisting these forces is essential to succeeding on the pitch.



Few athletes depend on powerful hip, pelvis, and torso rotation as much as the hockey player, in skating, shooting, or checking. With better core position, control, and power — trained in dry land but also effectively transferred to the ice — a hockey player is able to produce and resist these high rotational forces to optimize performance and minimize injury.